Беседы об Айкидо - Выпуск 1

В нашей группе на фб я вел ежепятничную рубрику "Беседы об Айкидо". Рубрика перезжает (превращается) в блог, который вы сейчас читаете, а архивы ее я постепенно буду выкладываю.

Итак, выпуск 1:

Беседы об айкидо

Друзья, сегодня открывается новая ежепятничная рубрика этой странички - "Беседы об айкидо". Устроена она будет так - я буду приводить тезис, факт или отрывок из когда-то изученных мной источников про Айкидо, а вы, если что-то вас заинтересует, комментируйте. Наша страничка - место для дискуссий. Итак, начнем.


Вот отрывок из интервью одного из виднейших шиханов Айкикай, Сейширо Эндо-сенсея (слева на приложенной картинке). Он оказывается очень уважает Коичи Тохея-сенсея (справа на приложенной картинке), читает Темпу Накамура (учитель Коичи Тохея-сенсея по японской йоге син-син-тойцу), и вообще всячески хороший человек:

I think it was Shinran [1173-1263, founder of the Jodoshin sect of Pure Land Buddhism] who said, “Even if what my teacher Honen tells me seems mistaken; even if it seems I am being misled, I have absolute faith in what I have been doing and so I follow my master’s way, even if it leads to Hell.” I thought, well, why not? If I’m going to be misled by Yamaguchi Sensei then so be it! Yamaguchi Sensei told me the same thing, “Even if you don’t understand it, just take my word for it and do it. Just give it 10 years or so.” So that’s what I did. Rather than trying to get rid of strength and then falling back on it when the techniques didn’t work, I resolved to explore the no-strength way exclusively, no matter what. But, even though I’d made up my own mind, the training environment hadn’t changed. It didn’t take long to realize that my training partners weren’t simply going to fall for me when I tried throwing them without using strength.

I had no alternative but to say to them, “Look, I can’t really do these techniques right now, but can I ask you to fall anyway?” It was a highly unusual thing for a 4th dan to ask. People were a bit surprised. Anyway, that’s how I began my “squishy” approach to training. I took extreme care to avoid getting frustrated, because I knew that doing so would send me right back to relying on strength. When I was taking ukemi for Yamaguchi Sensei he would murmur things under his breath like, “The more you let go of your strength, the more your ki will concentrate,” and “Focus your strength in your lower abdomen.” I tried to remain acutely aware of what was going on when taking ukemi, no matter what was done to me, and after a few years I began to understand what he was talking about and what he was doing. I knew I had finally found an approach to training that would work for me.

Seishiro Endo, Aikikai Shihan. based on the materials of Aikido Journal


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